Viva Las Vega’s Food Festival

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 14.44.56

So I went to this Vegan Food Festival at De Hallen the other weekend called Viva Las Vega.  It was pretty small, with a few stalls lined with Vegan products, not just food.  Vegabond had a stall and the people working it were so helpful.  I asked if they sold barley grass juice powder for smoothies and she said no but that she could order it in for me.  It’s such a good store for picking up random vegan favourites that you can’t get everywhere like nutritional yeast powder.  They also have a little cute cushioned area by the front window where you can eat lunch.  I haven’t tried there yet bit definitely will at some point.


They also had a few skin care stalls.  Throughout my teens I always had quite bad spots which wasn’t helped by the fact that I had a major addiction to chocolate.  I definitely noticed that my skin was highly sensitive and irritated by the foods I ate at that time.  Since going vegan, my breakouts have reduced but I have really bad scarring and uneven skin tone.  I met a Dutch lady that made her own 100% natural skincare oils and she assured me that she had a product that would work for me.  I purchased the Skin Purifying Oil for €9.95.  She advised me to apply three drops day and night and gently massage it into my face after cleanses when the skin is still slightly damp.  It hasn’t really taken affect yet but I’m going to give it time, fingers crossed it works!




My friend had already recommended me to try the vegan Dutch Weed Burgers at De Hallen so this was my final stop at the festival.  I was a bit weary of the fact that the patty was made from seaweed because I find that things that taste/smell like fish make me feel a little sick (I have to hold my nose when I eat nori rolls), but it didn’t at all and was actually pretty good.  I would’t rave about it or anything but it was definitely an enjoyable vegan burger.



Overall an enjoyable day, I’m just excited for the future as more and more vegan brands and products enter the market.


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