My favourite vegan summer salad

It’s actually really beautiful weather in Amsterdam right now so I am constantly craving yummy summer salads.  This one is my absolute go-to favourite right now.  I found the recipe on and it completely does the trick in satiating my uncontrollable mango obsession!


The ingredients are as follows:

  •  quinoa
  • black beans (optional, I think the flavour and texture is still amazing without)
  • cubed mango (of course)
  • avocado
  • cubed cucumber
  • chopped mint (with the lime juice it’s like a mojito in salad form 👌)
  • chopped coriander (cilantro)
  • lime juice

In the official recipe it also says to include olive oil but I seriously see no purpose and personally avoid oil in all of my personal cooking, I just use loads of lime!  It also says to include garlic but I just love the sweetness of the mango with the tangy lime so don’t really feel the need for garlic…but of course it’s up to you and your own personal flavour preferences 😊.

It also takes no time at all so is perfect for when I get home from work, just 10 minutes to boil up the quinoa during which time you can chop all the other ingredients.

Version 2

Enjoy guys!!!


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