Euro Pride 2016

Euro Pride Launch Party – Club NL

Euro Pride for the Michigan crew and I started off at a launch party called Kiss Bang at Club NL.  It’s a pretty small club but it has good music, attentive bartenders, room to dance and a pole dancing platform for when you feel like getting extra loosey goosey… so what more do you need?   It was a fun night as you can see from my classic ‘I’m really drunk and therefore gloriously happy’ face in the photo, which also displays the fact that apparently I have the hugest right ear eveeeeeerrrr (the size of my left can forever remain a mystery).


Dam Square Concert

We then went to the Dam Square concert which was also really fun.  I had never heard of him before but DJ Don Diablo had the main set and was actually sooooo good (personal highlight: the Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men).  The best part of the night though was standing behind this couple that were clearly so into each other and the definition of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love.  They were two of the most beautiful guys I had ever seen, not necessarily for their looks but the way their faces just lit up looking at each other.  I don’t think I had ever witnessed that close up before, two people that physically couldn’t keep their hands off one another so unashamedly in public (and I don’t mean that couple getting a little too handsy in the corner of XOYO – London people you know what I’m talking about).  I really wanted to take a photo because they just perfectly represented Pride and the freedom of love, but I was already being a major creep watching them so that obviously wasn’t going to happen.  I left about 10 minutes early of course to skip the mad rush for Wok to Walk (you’ve got to be tactical with takeaway food after a big event like this guys).


The Canal Parade

The weather had been gross all week and then on the day of the Pride Canal Parade we woke up to bright sunshine.  It’s times like this when I feel like you can’t not look at the world and think ‘surely it must have a designer, a creator, it can’t be just by chance’, but then again I think the idea of chance is just as beautiful a notion as the idea of destiny.

Oooooh I forgot to mention that Shane came back!!!!!!!!!!!  He flew in that morning and of course I was ridiculously excited for the reunion of Shane and Andrew…or as they are more commonly (not really) known as ‘Shandrew’.


They are the cutest couple ever and it’s so sad that they live on opposite sides of the planet, but I have a strong feeling that, whether it be through destiny, chance, will or some other beautiful notion, they will see each other again.


It was a really great day but how could it not have been, surrounded by hoards of people all celebrating love and freedom?


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