De Bolhoed

De Bolhoed Review

De Bolhoed is this really cute vegetarian restaurant on the famous Prinsegracht street, recommended to me by my vegan friend (and possibly kindest girl ever who wants to open her own animal sanctuary rescue farm in the future) Claire.  You would’t even know it from the outside as it doesn’t have a noticeable sign.  In a way, it is its mystery and subtle charm that draw you in initially… much like those quiet, indie boys with the brown curly hair we all love so much!


Once curiosity gets the better of you and you take that step under the beautiful overgrown vines, you are met with a bohemian, shabby chic haven ☮️.  With its brightly coloured green and orange walls and mismatch assembly of furniture, art and ornaments, it really should not be relaxing, and yet I felt completely content whilst listening to our hero David Bowie singing Heroes quietly in the background 🎼.


So I have actually been twice now to this restaurant, the first time for dinner and the second around midday.  I would definitely recommend going in the evening as they do not offer the full menu at lunch, and sometimes you just want  big meal in the middle of the day, yaknowhatimsayin 🍽 ??

One thing they do offer at both midday and evening is their Vegan soup of the day (look out for the chalk board).  I have had this twice and both times it was souper (I’m hilarious) yummy.  It’s the kind of thing where you don’t really have to even look at what flavour it is on that day, you know it will be deeeelish!


For main I had this mixed veg casserole kind of thing with this cheesey layer on top.  It just had all my favourite components in it: veg, rice and salad.  The rice was amazing (is it just me or is there something magical about a ball of rice) and the whole combination of elements together was really tasty.  Its not one of those dishes that is so earth shatteringly good that you can’t bear to ever try anything else on the menu (you know what I’m talking about) but it is still definitely worth a try.


Warning: the portion size is super big so it will likely be one of those extremely tough decisions that many of us unfortunately (but actually extremely fortunately) have to go through – starter and main or main and dessert.  BUT WAIT…I have some good news for you…they have a display fridge of all the desserts opposite the counter so it is highly advisable that you go check this out first so you can make a more informed decision.

When I came in for lunch I just had the soup so it was definitely a dessert day.  Like many other people I am sure,  I find it extremely hard to resist a brownie.  And in this case there was only one piece left, so surely it was destined for me, right?  This brownie was made from courgette so I was especially intrigued.  It was quite rich, which I am not opposed to, but the texture wasn’t amazing.  I was there with my sister on this occasion and she left most of her apple pie, so of course I had to finish that also (does anyone else have it where you physically cannot leave food on he plate no matter how full you are?).  The apple pie was good but maybe should have had it heated rather than cold.  Overall I wasn’t overwhelmed by the desserts but maybe they just weren’t the best choices.


The service is very chilled and slow but very friendly, so maybe just don’t visit if you are in a rush!  The prices are a little higher, for example I think it was 13 euros for a salad, but the portion sizes are really big and they use organic produce.

Definitely worth a try…enjoy!




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