TerraZen Review

TerraZen was recommended to me by a friend…and I think it was the best recommendation I have ever received!!!  It’s this tiny vegan restaurant located in the centre of Amsterdam.  It’s pretty ramshackled but in the most beautiful way that just brings everyone back down to earth as soon as you walk in…like why do we need all these fancy table cloths and glistening cutlery?  For me, the most important ingredients to dining out are delicious food and great company…and TerraZen always provides both.  You walk in and are met with one narrow room with one large table seating around 8 people, and behind a thin curtain veiling the doorway to the magical kingdom (tiny kitchen).


The beauty of it is that you are sitting on a table with total strangers, joining together to experience the taste sensation extravaganza of the Japanese/Caribbean food fusion. I have been twice so far (and will definitely be returning soon).  The first time I went with my sister and there were no seats left on the main table so we sat on a small two person bar by the window.  But my ears were tuned in across the room as the vegan ‘wolf pack’ started conversing, their ‘howls’ drawing in every fellow vegan within a 10metre radius, and as soon as two seats freed up, I couldn’t resist moving over there to join!

A fellow brit named Gareth started telling the group about his charity Farplace Animal Rescue and how they are running something crazy amazing like 17 vegan festivals across the UK this year and are planning their first in Amsterdam in April 2017!   He asked if I would like to volunteer and of course I said YEEEEEEEES so if anyone else wants to get involved then click the link: Amsterdam Vegan Festival 2017.  It really made me reflect on my life and what I actually want to do, what is my actual Purpose (thank you Justin Bieber)? I really want to get involved in more things like this, because if I break it down to what am I most passionate about in life, it is the belief that compassion and love make up the true essence of humanity, and Veganism stems from this belief also.

Anyyyyywaaaaaayysssssss…the food…aaaaaammaaazzziiiiiiiiiing.  They have one black board with all the beautiful, flavoursome options.


I heard the Vegan Plate was good so that is what I chose, and let me tell you, it is the most perfect plate of food you will probably ever consume.  I was a little nervous at first as I found out that it had vegan crispy chicken in it, and I haven’t eaten any kind of ‘fake meat’ since going vegan.  It was actually really yummy though and a little different texture to actual chicken so didn’t make me feel weird or anything.  The rice is cooked to sticky perfection and the veg included broccoli and cauliflower so was an instant win for me!



The next time I visited with my friend Laura, and we were sat across from these 2 people that coincidently live really close to our hometowns in Essex! I asked to take a photo of their meal also (because I clearly have no shame 😂).  I think it was the Crispy Roti Wrap.  Looked amazing as well and I do love a wrap…but I just can’t bear to part with my Vegan Plate dish!


My sister and I also tried the chocolate cake.  They had run out of vegan ice-cream which was a bit of a bummer but we still had a little cream drizzled on top.  To be honest it wasn’t the best cake, pleasant but I probably wouldn’t bother getting it again, I might try the cheesecake next though!


It’s not the cheapest place (the Vegan Plate costs 16 euros) but I think it is totally worth it was the amazing food and experience meeting like-minded people.  There was this one lady that was there last time and I didn’t really agree with what she was saying.  She was basically complaining about Veganism becoming such a ‘trend’ recently and thinks it goes against its deeper meaning.  While I agree that it is amazing when people have the ethical connection to Veganism, I also think that it is amazing when more and more people are trying out veganism for whatever reason.  At the end of the day it is still saving animal’s lives so how can that be negative? Keep posting those delicious looking vegan meals on Instagram I say!!

The service is pretty slow (to the point where it is not unusual to wait 10 minutes after receiving your meal for the waitress to wash up some cutlery!) but you just have to go with it!  It kind of matches the whole chilled vibe, like there are no pretences, the young waitress doesn’t put on a fake smile, she just walks around looking like she would rather be anywhere else, and I kind of respect that!

So 100% my favourite vegan food in Amsterdam so far, go to TerraZen!!!!!!!!!!!!



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