I’m Sasha (also known as Smash) and I’ve decided to start a blog while I’m living in Amsterdam.  This blog will follow my quest for the best vegan food in the city and just my general (probably extremely boring) life!

What do I do?

I am a fashion business student at the London of Fashion, spending a year interning full time in Amsterdam.  Back in London my life generally revolved around uni, vegan cafes, netflix, deliveroo, B@1 shoreditch and Thursday night Mahiki 🍍, so let’s see if it can get a bit more exciting in Amsterdam!  Also I should note I have an extreme mango obsession.

When did I go vegan?

I turned vegan not too long ago in September 2015 when I watched Conspiracy for the first time (cliche vegan story but true!).  It completely changed my life and I recommend everyone to watch it.  I have honestly never felt more connected to anything in my life and it’s so comforting to be grounded to a belief so far removed from exploitation and destruction, and all about love and compassion ☮️.

Let’s hang out!

As I’m pretty new to Amsterdam, it would be soooooooo cool to meet new people, so let’s hang out!  Also if anyone has any tips on cool places to go/to EAT, please let me know ☺️  Have a beautiful day!